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  Investigating an Employee Or Rental Applicant? Who Can You Trust?

If you don’t know the criminal and credit background of an applicant, you’re gambling with your business and property. Landlord2Landlord® eliminates your risk by providing a comprehensive database full of essential credit and criminal background information and reports on potential residents and employees.

The Landlord2Landlord® web based resident and employment screening platform allows property managers and landlord’s easy access to full credit files, credit score decision model, nationwide criminal reports, eviction information, and the ever expanding RenterNet® database along with bad debt reporting and collections services. With all of these resident screening tools at your fingertips you’ll build a community with stronger bonds by keeping undesirable residents out of your properties. As a result you will experience an increase in revenue and higher resident retention. With Landlord2landlord® services you and your residents both win. Join the Landlord2Landlord® network of landlords and property managers to start building your strengthened community resident by resident.

As a property manager or landlord you need to gather as much information on your potential resident as possible in the least amount of time possible. Don’t waste valuable time going to multiple resource sites for the information that Landlord2landlord® can deliver to your computer screen in seconds. Stop entering the applicant’s information over and over again. The Landlord2Landlord® database system saves your residents data for quick easy access. This allows you to run new reports and request additional services on previously entered applicants with minimal effort and time. Sign up with Landlord2Landlord® now to start saving time screening your future residents.

In today’s economy landlords and property managers need more than just a credit score. When it comes to investments as large as rental property, landlords and property managers should insist on receiving a full credit file not just a simple credit score. Credit is complex and you could be turning away good qualified residents if you’re only using a credit decision model based on a credit score. When selecting residents it’s important to have all the facts. The only way to get all the facts is with a full credit report. A potential residents credit score is no more important than their public records and trade lines data you only receive in a full credit file. You’ll start renting more homes to more qualified applicants once you have access to their full credit file. Join Landlord2Landlord® today and upgrade your decision making capabilities.

All property management professionals and landlords have had residents who left owing rent, left a dirty residence, or worse yet had to be evicted. These residents need to be reported so other landlords and property managers can be warned. The Landlord2Landlord® RenterNet® is a database that is exclusive to Landlord2Landlord® members that sends out that warning. The RenterNet® data file is a real time searchable information hub giving you the ability to search and report the good, bad, and indifferent resident information via our exclusive resident report card. Start spreading the word today by joining Landlord2Landlord®.

Don’t let the debt owed to you just slip away. Resident bad debt reporting and debt collection requests are as easy as 1-2-3 with Landlord2Landlord®. Just access the saved resident’s data from when you screened them, enter the amounts owed to you, and press submit. No one makes it easier to report and / or collect on debts owed than Landlord2Landlord®. Get the money owed you without wasting a bunch of time by joining the Landlord2Landlord® community today.

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