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Landlord2Landlord LLC Stops Tenant Fraud By Transforming the Internet Into the “RenterNet”.

Landlord2Landlord LLC,(L2L), a full-service web based tenant research and reporting agency, announces the launch of their redesigned web site offering an expanded variety of services and extends an invitation for membership to all rental property owners and property management professionals. Many companies provide standard background and credit information that results in uninformed costly leasing decisions. The L2L “RenterNet” has decreased this risk by providing a seamless nationwide network of landlords who obtain and share essential tenant history and information within our membership network, in addition to typical credit, criminal, and employment checks access.

Receive important information on the Landlord2Landlord message center keeping you informed on latest developments.

“We developed a network that handles millions of requests from management corporations every day. Besides serving these members, we wanted to act as a resource for the individual property owner. Often, landlords do not have adequate information to use when choosing the right tenant. Other reporting companies refuse to assist the individual and smaller property managers. We understand the needs of these managers. Our mission is to create the largest online community of landlords working together to end rental fraud while setting the highest standards in the industry,” states Landlord2Landlord CEO, Ken Lemal.

A clean credit, employment, and criminal report doesn’t always equate to a responsible tenant. The L2L community shares personal knowledge, both positive and negative, about their experience with previous renters. The L2L “RenterNet” stops undesirable tenants from easily moving from one property to another because now their past follows them. “I was able to track a vacated tenant who owed 3 months unpaid rent. Through the L2L network, I learned where this person had applied for new occupancy and was able to collect the amount,” states an L2L member.

Services and benefits of membership include:

  • Instant online access to Equifax and Trans Union credit reports.
  • Access to state, regional and national criminal records, employment, sex offender, and FBI reports.
  • Convenient web site access to reports. No software to install.
  • Accurate personal references with current landlord contact information.
  • Varied search options catch altered social security numbers and names.
  • Reliable report cards describe exactly how bad or wonderful the applicant is.
  • Instant notification when a delinquent/evicted tenant applies for residency elsewhere.
  • Reproducible tenant form letters ensures Federal Fair Credit Regulations compliance.
  • Choice of report delivery method- fax or online.
  • Elimination of time-consuming reference calls by referring them directly to L2L.
  • L2L site replaces expensive company network systems that require costly professional monitoring and maintenance.
  • End the frustration of receiving slow outdated information from other landlords.
  • Simple system of transferring current tenant information data into the L2L network.
  • Participate in a community working with local police forces to keep negative elements away from your community. Local officers communicate with L2L members and the information they provide is entered in our tenant files.

Landlord2Landlord LLC, A VIRTUAL END TO RENTER FRAUD .  Anyone who has a question about one renter also has an answer about another renter. The L2L network of landlords, in conjunction with our extensive bureau reports, provides property managers a solid idea of who is a qualified tenant candidate.


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