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Recover Your Profits With Our Collection Services

Lost revenues, higher maintenance expenses due to damaged abandoned homes, and the loss of good residents who refuse to live near havoc are just a few of the reasons you should pursue the collection of debts owed you. In many cases, delinquent tenants owe rent and can't pay so they sneak away and others must be evicted. Whatever your situation, you deserve a convenient way to collect unpaid debts.

We understand you've had enough.

Landlord2Landlord LLC began a collections program in 1997 after polling our members to determine their needs. Undoubtedly, the biggest concern was debt collections. We are effective collecting OVER 70% of the cases processed when we were able to locate the person(s) prior to the 2001 recesssion. Even though our success rate dipped during the recession period we expect much greater success over the long term. This is due to L2L's ability to renew FiFa's (Judgments), that are approaching (7) seven years old and about to expire. We consider bad debts to be like an annuity earning market rate interest until one day paid.

Agency - Pre-Legal - Legal

The Agency/Pre-Legal options give you the advantage of a secondary, in-house effort with no increase in fee. These are quicker collections than proceeding entirely alone.

The staff is well trained, upholds the client’s image, and is dedicated to complying with the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act and other state and federal regulations. Despite their temporary predicament, most debtors are generally concerned about repaying their bad debt, which is why professional diplomacy is absolutely essential in effective recovery. Offering choices rather than ultimatums should be an option of any debt pursuer, allowing debtors to actively participate in the repayment of their obligations. But, should "nice" ever fail, then "not so nice" is often effective.

Experienced personnel to ensure that all cases are suit worthy and collectable man the legal stage.

  • A lawsuit is filed within twenty-four hours after case review.
  • If an answer is filed we quickly move to settle.
  • If debtors do not cooperate, in most cases we file a motion for Summary Judgment.
  • We do not allow debtors to buy time.
  • When a sheriff arrives on the debtor's doorstep with a summons, debtors usually negotiate a settlement. Our services provide a distinct advantage for your chances for recovery. At this point, kind words, a gun, and a badge are quite effective.

Other L2L® Legal Services

  • Letters
  • Proof of claims
  • Legal consultations
  • Advanced court cost
  • Monthly member billing
  • Court cost paid is refunded before L2L® fees are paid
  • Special process services
  • Summons, garnishments, and levies
  • Judgments renewed automatically to stay active past 7 years
  • Asset searches
  • Bad check collections

All things considered, an efficiently managed Account Receivables Recovery program is as good as money in the bank. Join L2L today to take advantage of our collections service.


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