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  Additional Data Souces Now Offered -Click Here for More Articles-   

Landlord2Landlord, in keeping with the latest screening techniques has added to its portfolio a wide-ranging array of data sources, which certainly give the property manager a clearer picture of a potential resident or employee. You can now find deep background and historical information·

-Locate more debtors and their assets·

-Enhance operational efficiency·

-Find accurate historical addresses on searches·

-Dramatically shorten your research time and costs·

-Locate almost anyone, including relatives

Additional Data Sources Now Offered Include:

People Search - Provides basic search which returns Name, Age, DOB, SS#, Current Address and Phone, Neighbors, Relatives, Historical Addresses, Aliases and Date of Death.

Trace Detail - This skip tracing report is a secondary search accessed from our ‘People Search’ and provides additional phone information and/or contact information for relatives and neighbors.

eFunds ChexSystem™ - Access to largest database of bank account information and data on debit history of closed-for-cause accounts, NSF history and inquires. Provides financial institutions with a history of closed-for-cause accounts, NSF history and inquires.

DEBIT REPORT From E-FUNDS -Provides a debit history of closed-for-cause accounts, NSF history and inquires. The Debit Report is offered as two products. The first product is for Collections and is a non-permissive product. The second product is for Credit Issuance and adheres to FCRA guidelines.

Evictions Data - Provides access to the most extensive evictions databases offered nationally.

Bankruptcy Search - Provides most current search nationwide for bankruptcy filings on a person or business within just 2 days of a filing and returns Trustee, attorney for filer, assets, liabilities, chapter, date of creditors meeting and disposition.

Criminal Court Search - Online access to two of the leading national criminal database repositories which can be searched nationally or by each individual state. Also access to manual court searches at the county and state levels. These searches access Civil, Felony & Misdemeanors and Department of Corrections Records.

COUNTY CIVIL From Additional Data Sources Request-A manual search for tax liens, small claims, judgments and civil actions for a specific county.

COUNTY CRIMINAL From Additional Data Sources Request- A manual search of arrest and conviction records for a specific county. Report includes both felony and misdemeanor records.

STATE CRIMINAL From Additional Data Sources Request- A manual search of arrest and conviction records for a state. Report includes both felony and misdemeanor records.

STATE DOC From Additional Data Sources Request- A manual search of the Department of Corrections records for a state.

PERSONA From Equifax Provides- Demographic and financial information that can be used by employers to aid in the hiring process.

PEER From Trans Union Determine- How responsible an individual is with employment, tradeline, collection, public record, and inquiry information.

EMPLOYMENT INSIGHT From Experian- Quickly verify statements on a resume or application.

To Get Started: Log into your members area with your user name and password and click on "Resources", then "Landlord Forms",  then "Additional Data Source Addendum". To finish: print this form, sign it and fax to(770)516-4100.

To Gain Access to Employment Credit Reports: 


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