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  Scam Alert May2006: The Return -Click Here for More Articles-   

Scammers and their scams come and go much like the seasons. Many times we see a particular scam reach the peak of popularity and drop off suddenly. We may think that a scam is gone until months or even years later the scam returns. The following scam was reported to us in August of 2004 and has now shown its ugly face again:
There's a new scam in town, and its quite simple and extremely harmful to the recipient. What typically happens is a resident (who is probably being evicted or is behind in their rent) gets outside and starts a very loud argument with the landlord.

The resident is also quite lewd and vulgar hoping the landlord will hit them (battery). This attracts attention from the neighbors. Then as the landlord leaves the property the resident places themselves just barely behind the landlord's car, and then the screaming really begins... "She's trying to run over my baby" "Did you see that, she just tried to hit me with her car” Now if they are really persuasive, and usually they are, the resident being evicted will go see the neighbors and re-enforce what the neighbors witnessed. T

his incident is now classified as a felony... "Aggravated assault"
This happened to me, and this resident was able to convince two neighbors, who made good witnesses, to make a statement to the detective. I was then treated like a violent criminal; three police cars came to my home. Luckily, I had gone to the store. The next day, on the advice of my attorney, I turned myself in to the police. Still I was in jail for over 14 hours. I still have to go to another hearing and then the court trial. Can I do anything about the three thousand dollars worth of damage to the home? Only in Civil Court, which will be uncollectable.

Folks these people knew the system better than I did, and I am still paying dearly!


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