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  Member Notice May2007 -Click Here for More Articles-   

We are back on line with our National Court House record provider Lexus Nexus. However there are some changes in their report delivery. They now return all files that match in name but not just Eviction data and it is a nationwide search. These are not SS# searches and you must be careful how you use this data. Try to match up the addresses on the credit report and or the addresses the applicant gives you, to the address on the courthouse filing in order to decide if the courthouse records belong to your applicant. Also note we have tried to make it easier for you to review this data by returning the report in a list that is easier to review. Then you can click on an empty box on the right side of the screen to select which reports you want to review then click on the Link on the bottom on the screen to review the full report. You may open one or as many of the reports as you would like in a scrollable window. Please be assured we have spent many hours with the vendors developers in order to try to limit the number of records that are returned on common name searches but there systems are not set up to allow us to make changes. The list being returned by our system was the most we could do with what we have to work with to aid our clients and make to process as user friendly as possible. Also note that we have lowered the price on the Choicepoint Eviction data from $6.00 to $4.95. Our new supplier of this data has made this possible. We will also be placing the Lexus Nexus National Court House Records links and Choicepoint Eviction data searches on the same line on the order page of the member area. Please note that there are links beside each company (Statistics) which takes you to the list of states covered by Lexus Nexus or Choicepoint and if you click on the state it shows a list of the counties covered by Lexus Nexus or Choicepoint. This enables you to select which data supplier is best suited for your area.

Thank You

Ken Lemal President
Local 770-516-3616 or 4100 x9140 Fax 770-516-2192
TF 877-722-5411


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