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Old Tenant Background Is "Knew" Again.

With instant online access to credit reports, and criminal background checks, you will lower your risk of property damage and uncollected rent. Landlord2Landlord® is an expanding membership of landlords and property managers who are dedicated to ending renter fraud once and for all by sharing and collecting tenant’s credit histories and background qualifications.

L2L Transformed the Internet into the RenterNet®

We created a better tenant credit and criminal background reporting facility that is changing our industry by setting and maintaining the highest standards of accurate and thorough tenant investigations.

In addition to accessing public records, you’ll also gain knowledge of a previous landlord’s personal experience with a renter. You’ll discover first hand not only which tenants are good and bad, but exactly how good or how bad they really are. L2L® members understand that a renter’s history is your future. They need your knowledge, and you need theirs.

Investigating a Renter? Who Can You Trust?

Use our services to perform online credit, criminal, public records checks and eliminate renter fraud. Have instant online access to the following:

  • Equifax and Trans Union Credit Reports
  • RenterNet Decision Models
  • State, State Plus, Regional, and National Criminal Searches See Criminal Coverage Area Statistics
  • Over 4,000 databases loaded with Public Records Searches (evictions, judgments, tax liens, deceased)
    See Court House Coverage Area Statistics
  • Public Records Evictions Searches
    See Court House Coverage Area Statistics
  • Nationwide collections
  • Report bad debts to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion Credit Bureaus
  • Pre-Employment credit profile reports
  • National Database Search recommendations submitted by our members (Resident Report Card)
  • And more…

Join the Landlord2Landlord® RenterNet network, the fastest growing tenant screening company in the nation today.


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